Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to install Windows 7

How to install Windows 7

Ensure you have a backup before attempting any of the following. I am not responsible for any loss or damage to any hardware, software, or data. If you are not confident in any of the instructions, or aren’t sure why you are doing them, get professional assistance.

Requirements: Windows 7 installation media (I am assuming DVD); PC to install windows 7 on.


1) Remove any hard drives from the PC excluding the one we are installing windows 7 on.
2) Turn on the PC, and configure the BIOS to boot from DVD.

In this case, it is F2.

Find the option for Boot (our BIOS may be different, and you may need to go through the options 1 by 1 until you find the relevant section). In this case, we need to mvoe the CD-ROM Drive above the Hard Drive. To do this, we use the =/- keys.

Once we have the correct order listed, we can choose the option for Save and Exit. This option may be listed as Save and reboot.

It may ask to confirm the changes

3) Boot from the DVD

Sometimes, you may be required to confirm you want to boot from the DVD.

Once the DVD has begun booting, just wait...

4) Begin the install.

Choose the relevant options, and click Next

Click Install now

Read the ENTIRE license agreement, click I accept the license terms and click Next

Select Custom (advanced)

Select the drive you wish to install Windows to, and click Next. For details on partitioning, or if the drive list is empty, see the article Advanced Windows 7 Installations

Then wait...

Type in a username and a computer name. If this is the only computer on the network, you can leave it as the default. If there is other computers on the same network, you need to ensure that the computer name is unique. Click Next.

Choose a password for your account. ENSURE THIS PASSWORD IS A STRONG PASSWORD.

This link can help you with this

Never use a password hint. The reason for this is, assume the password to my computer is my DOB: 14111974. My password hint could simply say DOB. This is no longer secure.

Type your product key, untick Automatically activate Windows when I'm online and click Next.

Choose Install important updates only

Select the correct Time Zone, correct date, and Time, and click Next

Choose whether the netowrk you are connected to is Home, Work or Public. If you are at home, choose Home network, at work, choose Work network, at some unknown location, that wireless internet access, choose Public network

And you have completed the install.

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