Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slipstream Office 2010 Sp1

Slipstream Office 2010 SP1

Requirements: Office 2010 Install media; Office 2010 SP1 (from here).

Create a folder your hard drive c:\office2010

Create a folder in the c:\office2010\ folder called slipstream.

The folder structure should now look like c:\office2010\slipstream

Copy the Office 2010 install media to the c:\office2010\slipstream folder

Copy the Office 2010 SP1 file to the c:\office2010 folder

Rename the Office 2010 SP1 file to: Office2010SP1.exe

Open an administrator command prompt (click start -> type cmd -> right click cmd and select Run as administrator)

Click Yes on the UAC prompt

Type the following:

cd /d c:\office2010
Office2010SP1.exe /extract:"c:\Office2010\slipstream\Updates"

Beware the office2010sp1.exe /extract command may be line wrapped. It should be entered on 1 line

You will need to read and accept the terms and agreements, click Continue

Once the installation is completed, burn the contents of the c:\Office2010\slipstream folder to DVD or Copy to your installation media.

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