Sunday, February 24, 2013

Error installing IPAM

I have a DC that I wanted to configure the IPAM feature on.  The install of IPAM was successful, however when I tried to provision the IPAM server, the following error occurred:

IPAM provisioning failed
IPAM Deployment failed with the following error.
Register PS session failed.
Some or all identity references could not be translated.
You can restart this provisioning wizard from the IPAM overview page.

It turns out that you can’t install the IPAM feature on a DC.



  1. The scope of IPAM server discovery is limited to a single Active Directory forest. The forest itself may be comprised of a mix of trusted and untrusted domains. IPAM requires membership in an Active Directory domain, and relies on a functional network infrastructure environment to integrate with other server installations across the AD forest.

    IPAM has the following specifications:

    IPAM supports only Microsoft domain controllers, DHCP, DNS, and NPS servers running Windows Server® 2008 and above.

    IPAM supports only domain joined DHCP, DNS and NPS servers in a single AD forest.

    In its recommended configuration, IPAM is installed on a standalone server. You cannot install IPAM on a domain controller. If IPAM is installed on the same server with the DHCP Server role service, automatic discovery of DHCP servers on the network will be disabled.

    IPAM does not support management and configuration of non-Microsoft network elements. However, you can use Windows PowerShell to import and manage IP address data from non-Microsoft devices.

    IPAM in Windows Server 2012 does not support external databases. Only a Windows Internal Database is supported.

    A single IPAM server has been tested to support up to 150 DHCP servers and 500 DNS servers.

    A single IPAM server has been tested to support up to 40,000 DHCP scopes and 350 DNS zones.

    IPAM has been tested to store 3 years of forensics data (IP address leases, host MAC addresses, user login/logoff information) for 100,000 users in a Windows Internal Database. Data is not purged automatically. An administrator must purge data manually as needed.

    IP address utilization trends are provided only for IPv4.

    IP address reclaiming support is provided for IPv4 and IPv6.

    IPAM does not check for IP address consistency with routers and switches.

    IPAM does not support auditing of IPv6 stateless address auto configuration on an unmanaged machine to track the user.

    IPAM supports integration with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) using a Windows PowerShell script that is packaged and shipped with System Center VMM. This integration enables IPAM to display detailed utilization and inventory data for IP addresses and IP address ranges used in System Center VMM.

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