Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sorting mp3 files based on Album ID3 Tags in Powershell

I had a large number of mp3 files that were all in a single folder, however the album ID3 tag were all correct.  I used powershell and taglib-sharp.dll to read the album ID3 tag, create a folder and move the mp3 into that folder.
Taglib-sharp.dll can be found here (new window).
The powershell code at pastebin here (new window).
You will need to edit the variables:
#folderToSearch is the folder that has the files
#taglibLocation is the location of the taglib-sharp.dll
#fileExtension is the file extension of the files with the ID3 tags (eg: mp3, wma, etc)

It can also be used with WMA files, and possibly any files that contain album ID3 tags, and with a little modification, any ID3 tag can be used.

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