Friday, November 23, 2012

Convert FLAC to MP3

Download and install FLAC from here:

Download and install LAME from here:

The sample FLAC file I used can be found here:

Click Start, find FLAC, right click FLAC Frontend and select Run as administrator.

Click Yes on the UAC prompt.

Click Add files

Navigate to the FLAC files you wish to convert and add them

Select Decode

Once it has finished, close down FLAC Frontend.  FLAC saves the wav files in the same location as the FLAC files.

Open a command prompt,

Navigate to “c:\program files (x86)\lame for audacity\” or the equivalent.

type lame %WAVFILE% where %WAVFILE% is the path and name to the wave file.

eg: lame c:\flac\2L38_01_192kHz.wav

Once it has completed, close the command prompt window.

To batch convert a folder of FLAC files to MP3, you can use the following batch file:

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