Monday, June 10, 2013

Convert WMA to MP3

Download and install MPlayer from here:

Download and install LAME from here:

The sample WMA file I used can be found here:

Open a command prompt,

Navigate to the location you installed MPlayer to.  In this example, it is “c:\program files (x86)\mplayer”.

Type mplayer –vo null –vc dummy –af resample=44100 –ao pcm %WMAFILE% where %WMAFILE% is the path and name to the WMA file.

eg: mplayer –vo null –vc dummy –af resample=44100 –ao pcm “c:\wma\BachCPE_SonataAmin_1.wma”

If you use a filename with spaces, you must provide quotes around the path and filename.

Wait for the decode….

This will create a file called audiodump.wav in the same folder as MPlayer.  Move this to a convenient location if you wish, and rename it as appropriate.

The steps below are essentially the same for using LAME when converting an FLAC file to MP3. (opens in a new window)

Navigate to “c:\program files (x86)\lame for audacity\” or the equivalent.

Type lame %WAVFILE% where %WAVFILE% is the path and name to the wave file.

eg: lame “c:\program files (x86)\mplayer\audiodump.wav”

Wait for the encode…

Once it has completed, close the command prompt window.

The MP3 file is located in the same location as the WAV file.  In the example above, it is in the “c:\program files (x86)\mplayer\ folder.

To batch convert a folder of WMA files to MP3, you can use the following batch file:

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